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    Lightroom 2015.6 Prints Dark And Wrong Colours

    DibbyDoo Level 1

      Hi i have been using Lightroom 6.5.1 for all my prints and prints fantastic i have the epson ET-2550 printer. i decided to do the update to the latest version 2 days ago to lightroom 2015.6 and now all my prints turn out dark and the wrong colours i tried reseting lightroom and installing and reinstalling everything and it still does the same and when ever i cool back to LR 6.5.1 or 5.7.1 the prints come out fine and looking very good can any one shine a light on what the problem is becsaue i can't afford to keep wasting good paper i will attach a picture of a printed picture of it printing good and the print that looks bad on the same piece of paper thank you so muchIMG_1332.jpg

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