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    How to Burn DVD video so it will run on Blu-Ray player?


      I have been working on a video for my mother's 70th birthday for months now in Premiere Elements 14.1.  The video is done, but am having trouble burning it.  I am able to burn it as AVCHD format and watch it on both of my home Blu-ray players.  However, when I burn the video in DVD format, it will not play on either of my home Blu-Ray players.  Here is what I have done for troubleshooting:

      - I can play other homemade DVDs (made by others in previous versions of Elements) on R- media.

      - I have changed my DVD Burner to the US region and re-burned, but that did not fix it.

      - I have reviewed the specs for one of my  Blu-Ray players and it supports DVD-Video on -R media with region 1 (US).

      - I have tried Verbatim -R and +R and HP +R media.

      - I can also run the DVDs on my computer.

      - I have opened the files on my computer and do see the Open DVD and Video_TS folders. I see the following files under Video_TS:










      The problem is that I'm showing the video in a couple of days (in another state) and have already been told that the facility has a cheap DVD player.  Please help.