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    sequence question drop-down list gets hung up on punctuation

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      I'm making a sequence question. In drag-and-drop mode, it works fine. But in the drop-down list mode, it breaks. In other words, even if it is displaying correctly, it is "wrong" when the enduser tries to sequence the choices.

      I assume that this is because one of my items has punctuation in it.

      It's a person's name, so it looks like this:
      Lastname, FirstInitial.

      Or it could be even two people:
      Lastname, FirstInitial. & Lastname, FirstInitial.

      Is there a way to escape the commas and periods? (I'm willing to give up on ampersand!) Use ASCII, escape ActionScript or JavaScript? I'm not likely to solve the problem by experimenting, so I'm wondering if someone else has figured this out. THANKS.

      (I tried searching the forum, but searching does not seem to be working for me)