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    cc 2015.3 after effects & media encoder low cpu utilization



      i`m running i7 5820k

      with 64gb ram

      and ssd for operation system and project

      doesnt matter the project it doesnt exceeds 34%

      have you encounted that issue on your system ?

      any idea how to imporve that?



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          Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

          Kill or uninstall the CC app.

          It's messing with all kinds of apps.,  throttling performance & severely cutting into peoples productivity/income.

          This has been conformed by several After Effects users and now, since the last update it seems to be messing with Illustrator pretty bad.

          If this works for you please spread the word that the CC app is killing performance across the board.

          Adobe's poor decisions are now starting to have real financial implications on people's productivity/income and of course this opens the door for

          collective action.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Your post inspired me to run a test with my MacBook Pro R and OSX 10.11.5


            The method: Create a 32 bit comp with 3 video clips, one time remapped with pixel motion turned on, and 3 text effect utilizing a blend mode and a only Bevel Alpha and the text animating into position with motion blur. A very simple project added to the AME The videos had audio. I opened AME, added the comp to the AME by dragging from AE;s project panel then picked the YouTube 1080 preset, modified it to two pass with 20mb/s max rate, opened the activity monitor, made sure that the CC app was running and started the render. At 3:30 into the render (about half way through) I took a screenshot, then I looked for the CC app in the activity monitor and took a screenshot of it's usage.


            The process was repeated by duplicating the comp in the AME so that exactly the same project would be used, I closed CC, verified that it was not running anywhere in the Activity Monitor and took another Screenshot at 3:30.


            For the last test I opened the CC app again, then duplicated the comp in the AME and started the render. This time I switched back to AE and started working on another comp. I was a little preoccupied and didn't get back to snap another screenshot until 3:39 but figured that was close enough to see what's going on. This is my normal workflow. I add a comp to the AME, start a render and then move back to AE and work on something else so I spend very little time waiting for renders. I can't afford to so I don't.


            Here are the results with the first render on the bottom:

            render tests.png

            The estimated time to complete the render with CC turned off was almost identical. It went from 4:22 to 4:29 so I got an additional 7 seconds of estimated render time with CC not running. I think that is statistically insignificant. The AME is not distributing the load between all cores (see the graph) the aerendercore is working at 182.8 percent when I snapped the screenshot with CC running and 186.1 when CC is not running. The graphs at the time are almost identical.


            The interesting part of the test happened when I returned to AE and continued working immediately after starting the render. At 3:39 - got caught up adjusting a value, but close enough for this test the CPU usage for aerendercore was 186.2 - nearly identical to the second test. And look at the graphs. I can see when I was running ram previews. The render time to complete did increase by about two and a half minutes but I think that's a small price to pay for continuing to work. If the numbers are correct then the total render time went from a best of 7:52 to 9:46. That is in increase of just over 32% which is acceptable to me.


            Someone ought to run a similar test using Windows 8 and 10 on a project thats 10 to 20 seconds long. This project was simpler than most of my comps so I made it 20 seconds. Most of my comps are 10 seconds or less because most of my AE work is on shots rather than sequences and most shots in the films I work on are under 10 seconds. It usually takes me 30 or 40 minutes to bet a comp ready to render so I'm never waiting for anything to render to show to the client for approval. It's a rare occasion when I have to wait for a render.

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              Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Rick,

              Maybe it's in the pics (which don't really read) but I think the question is not CC's CPU usage but rather AE and AME CPU usage.

              In another thread here a few people tested it and while they reported only seeing slight increases of CPU usage by AE when killing CC they did report remarkable performance increases in render times.  So while numbers rarely lie they are often manipulated (maybe Adobe has figured out a way to hide numbers?)

              For me personally the speed of AME has always been much faster than AE but I can tell you when killing the CCapp: Both it & AE load much faster, AE is more responsive & never hangs.  I am able to turn on "render multiple frames simultaneously" and it actually improves performance in both RAM preview and intermediate rendering rather than hurting it as it does with CCapps running.  In fact my intermediate renders out of AE are close to twice as fast with all CCapps killed.


              I also have been experiencing serious hanging in Ai since I updated it  (all the above was about AE 2014 BTW).  I went to the forums to see if what I could see and saw at least one other person with the same problem but much worse than mine.

              I told them I was beginning to suspect that the CCapp is the culprit in much of the unstable and glitchy behaviors that many are experiencing and seem to be getting worse.  On those words the person killed their CCapps and reported a 95% improvement in illustrators hanging (not clocked of course), or back to what it was before this latest update.


              Bottom lines:   it seems to be effecting different configurations differently but the point is...when we are not given a choice (which will very likely soon be the case) it's a serious problem.  It's like someone selling you a car that gets 200mpg but forces you to install a device that cuts the MPGs in half.  Or hey,  even if it only cuts it by 5% it's still wrong and possibly even illegal under anti-trust laws if we're being forced to install it.  I don't mind most of what people have problems with about the CC business model.

              But I have a feeling, and my feeling are usually pretty accurate,  that the CCapp is killing performance, that Adobe knows it & that Adobe is actively hiding it.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I don't see the ability to make a choice going away any time soon. I still have all of my used daily Adobe (and other manufacturers) apps that allow multiple versions installed, and they go back 3 or 4 builds, just for safety. The subscription model for software is not going away. All of my MS office is on subscription. So is everything Autodesk. If you compare the price of everything, even the very expensive Autodesk products to the true cost of keeping their products up to date before they switched to the subscription model will show you that subscription is less expensive. I agree that it's more expensive for someone that only wants one product and is going to keep that product for four or five years and not worry about upgrades. If I did that in my business I'd be out of business in two or three years. I cannot afford not to have the best tools on the block.


                On the Mac I noticed no difference at all in the rendering times with CC running or not running. There was also no noticeable difference between the CPU usage or time allocation for aefrendercore - the app that is doing the rendering. Maybe this is only a Windows problem.


                CC 2015.3 is giving me more productivity than I have ever had with AE. I haven't seen any slowdown in AI or any other apps. I didn't post the overall render times because I accidentally threw away the post it note I kept the times on while I was doing other things. I remember that the first render with CC running in the background was actually faster than the second render by about 4 seconds. They came in at just over 7 minutes. The render time while working in AE while the AME was chugging away took almost exactly 30% longer than the first two renders at just over 9 minutes.


                I have a high level of confidence that the next builds will be even better because they are rebuilding the rendering engine from the ground up. I personally don't want to see anything close to 100% CPU and GPU usage while rendering on a machine I also use for design work. Leave me plenty of cycles to keep me productive. 90% or so would be a nice option on a rendering only machine but not very practical on a machine that could be creating income at a rate five or ten times the rate you can earn by just rendering. The days when you could afford to wait for a render before moving on to another project have been gone for along time.


                I don't doubt that some folks are having problems and some of those problems are big ones. I've never known Adobe to adopt a conspiracy policy to hide bugs. Show me a post where an Adobe employee has said "that bug does not exist." It is indisputable that Adobe has released some builds with way too many bugs. The previous one was worse than any I have seen in about 10 years, but they always have worked hard to try and fix them as fast as they can taking on the biggest ones first.


                This post was the first I have seen about a CC app bug causing a slowdown. If folks are filing detailed bug reports - and the kind of test I just ran is the kind of detail that i'm talking about, then the bugs can get tracked down and fixed in less time. Most bug reports I have reviewed in the last 20 years don't say much more than this feature is broken. Only a small percentage give enough information that the bug can be reproduced.


                If you, or anyone else having this problem have not filed a bug do so now.