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    Acrobat 11 Pro Can no longer open secure file with valid password previously used

    ronb55428371 Level 1


      I have several years of tax returns that my tax preparer created which are secured with a password.  The password worked previously to open these files in Acrobat 10 and Acrobat 11 however now I get an invalid password response when I try to open them withe the same correct password.  I also had another document he sent me with the same password that I was able to successfully reopen one time today using that password but on a second attempt to open it I got an invalid password response for that one as well and have as stated above opened all these files on multiple occassions successfully previously using the password supplied my my tax preparer.


      I am currently running Acrobat XI Pro Version 11.0.16 on a Windows 7 Professional PC>


      Any advice on how to get access to my files again will be greatly appreciated.