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    Can Clip do 25fps?

    Laura Steph Smith Level 1

      If I import 25fps video, it seems to get exported as 30fps. Is there a way to keep it at 25fps? If not, will there be in a future release? Sadly it's not usable for me otherwise!




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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Steve,


          Currently if you export your project to YouTube, Twitter, Camera Roll, etc Clip will save the file as 30fps. If you send your project to Premiere Pro, Clip will preserve the original file(s) fps and resolution.  


          We understand the desire to have the ability to export at different frame rates and resolutions. This is differently on our radar!


          Let us know if there's anything else you would like to see in the app.




          Peter Garaway

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            Laura Steph Smith Level 1

            Hi Pete


            That's great to hear that it's on your radar! Do you think it's likely to arrive in the next few months or is it a long term plan? The app is sadly useless to me otherwise . I tried shooting at 30fps but then I switched a mains light on and that was the end of that idea!


            As for other features, the main thing if love is more flexibility with the audio track. If it had that and the frame rate sorted I could move from Kinemaster. Being able to export my mobile timeline to Premiere desktop would be well worth the switch!


            Thanks for your help


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              glaustin Level 2

              Hi Peter

              I too find little value over here in PALland if I can’t export to Pr at 25fps. Be good to hear when an update may be launched as it’s now 2 years since Steve’s thread...

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                Laura Steph Smith Level 1

                Peter - I've been waiting so long for a PAL framerate that I've managed to transition genders and change my name and still there's no 25 fps . Not holding out much hope. Which is a real shame because the syncing with desktop Premiere Pro would make it the best Android video editor by far for users of Premiere!