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    Lightroom CC Changes iPhone jpg images to movies


      I downloaded my iPhone  5 SE images into Lightroom CC as usual, but all of them came in as .MOV, not the JPG images they were originally. I checked  my phone, then my general computer download. There in the computer were both the JPGs and MOV images. I didn't set the phone for movies on these images, but there they all are, about 20 of them taken over 2 weeks imported today as .MOV in Lightroom. What's with this? Anyone else have this happen?

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          Conrad C Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is there any chance that your iPhone is set to take pictures as Live Photos? If it is, every photo taken with that setting will import with both a preview .JPG file and a 3-second .MOV file. If this is the cause you should be able to confirm it wth a test. Take a few iPhone photos wth Live Photos on, and a few more with Live Photos off, and transfer them into Lightroom. If the pictures with Live Photos off are normal and the pictures with Live Photos on all import with 3-second .MOV videos, then that was the cause. In the future you'd want to make sure Live Photos is turned off on your iPhone.


          This happened to a friend of mine; she took hundreds of iPhone photos on a vacation and did not realize it had been set to Live Photos most of the time, and ended up with hundreds of 3-second videos.