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    Get phone's mac address

    xkevin Level 1

      How can I get the mac address of a device (iphone, andriod and windows phone) and save it later in database. Maybe using javascript or any. My purpose is to add the mac address of the phone when the user's login to the app. Any Idea? Thanks.

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Note: iOS 7+ does not permit apps to access the mac address. If you try, you'll get a nonsense value that doesn't mean anything.


          What is your use case for using a mac address? If it's just as a uniqie ID, there are better ways to get something that will do. Apple (and others) view using the mac address in this manner as a privacy concern, which is why they limit the API.


          AFAIK, there are some plugins that will work regarding mac address on the Cordova plugin repository (http://plugins.cordova.io), but just understand that they won't work for iOS.

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            xkevin Level 1

            Thank you maybe I will just use a unique token id for the users. Any suggestion? (in PHP server)kerrishotts