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    Working with Captivate videos

      I've been trying for a while now to find the best way to incorporate Captivate videos into my (html) help projects and haven't found a solution yet. The video files either display much too large or appear very fuzzy or out-of-focus when we try to resize them for better display. The file sizes have also been an issue, since these tend to be quite large. I'm currently running RoboHelp 7 HTML. Any help or insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks very much in advance.


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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Dave

          When Captivate creates output in SWF format you usually end up with a few different files.

          * .HTM file to present the whole thing
          * .SWF containing the main part of the movie
          * .SWF containing the skin and playback controls
          * standard.js (a JavaScript file)

          I'm hopeful that strides have been made by Adobe so just pointing at the .HTM file is now sufficient. So assuming it all comes in fine, you could then just open the .HTM page Captivate creates and ensure it opens in a new window so as to maximize available playback space.

          Other than that, always create your Captivate projects as small as you physically can.

          Cheers... Rick