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    Country / City binds and AJAX and Norway

      We came up with this problem that might affect anyone working with geographically related forms.

      Consider form with two select boxes: one has countries, one has cities.

      The city on is bound to a component that filters cities by country code, so that if I select FRANCE in the country box, I get a list of cities in France appearing in the cities box.

      If you have set this up using standard country and naming conventions, then your primary key for countries with be the ISO 2-letter country code (which is also the prefix for the currency code).

      So France is FR, The UK is GB, South Africa is ZA etc.

      If you have done it this way, you will run in to a problem with Norway (NO) as your coldfusion component will translate this automatically into FALSE when your bind executes the city lookup.

      Its a simple fix in the component - IF var = "FALSE" then set var = "NO" but it can take a long time to figure out why you only get this problem with Norway when everything else works fine.