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    Strange zoom issues Indesign

    wonderings1111 Level 1

      So I like the new zoom in Indesign, been using it with a prerelease beta where it has worked flawlessly. Not sure what the name of it is, but it works like it does in illustrator and photoshop (latest releases). You click with the zoom, hold and drag forward or back and it zooms in and out. Very fluid and works well for me in how I work. Anyways, I am finding in Indesign it seems to stop working every now and then, I cannot find a consistent reason to make it stop working. I have a business card I am setting up and trying to zoom in, but only getting the zoom box. Without closing Indesign, I open a new document and can now zoom in and out as described above, the proper way.


      Is this something trashing the preference file help, or what is going on here? Is there an option somewhere to turn off and on this style of zoom? This is on a Mac running OS 10.11.5