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    Spectacular Reports in Flex

      Hello, and thank you, collectively, for all the online and community support. Flex is simply awesome! 2 months ago I was doing my first installation and I now have a pretty exciting demo... except for one thing.


      Reading post, after post, after post... this seems to be a dark spot on an otherwise brilliant star. I've gotta believe quite a few developers are doing what I am, so let's get to it...

      I bring a dataset into my Flex (not AIR) app and allow the user to manipulate it, filtering down to exactly what they want to see... ADGs and charts, detail where appropriate. The climax of this story is the report... but, there is no report! I really need to take my client-side XML and transform it to something pretty and printable.

      I also need to do this client side, so solutions that require an app server are off the table (I've done so much without an app server, just a webserver and CGI, that I'd hate to add one just for reports.)

      ClearBI looks pretty cool, but the user community is hard to find (or non-existent), and it's not real clear how to make it work in our architecture.

      I could use xsl:fo, if I could get my XML datasets from the Flash sandbox to the browser (with a ProcessingInstruction). Seems that may not be possible.

      So my options seem to be to turn to an external reporting solution. With as awesome as Flex has been so far, it seem this should not be necessary.

      I'm hoping to find something that produces paginated reports, with embedded charts, that can export to PDF and Excel, all from the client.

      Has anyone found or created something like this?