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    Batch Bookmark Sort Action


      Hi, I'm running XI Pro and created a Batch Bookmark sort action to work on a large folder containing 10,000's of files. The two actions are sort bookmarks followed by save. Unfortunately there are some non PDF files scattered within the folder and sub folders. Adding just PDFs to the action would take an unacceptable amount of time.


      I need to find a way to select only the PDFs within the target folder and add this capability to the action.


      Any ideas?

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sorry, but it's not possible to do that with your version of Acrobat. Previous versions did have this option, but it was removed in XI, for some reason. Also, 10K files is way too much for Acrobat to handle in one go. You'll need to do it in batches. I recommend processing around 500 at a time, max.


          The alternative is to use a stand-alone tool to perform this task. It can be more robust than Acrobat and will be able to ignore non-PDF files. However, it will have to be custom developed for your requirements.