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    IMPOSSIBLE to buy Phonegap product. And get support.


      Ok, the journey began when I decided to create second app.


      Phonegap wants some money for the second app. Ok.



      Then I choose plan. 10$ a month. Not cheap, ah?





      Then I choose plan again.


      Then I have to go to Adobe Store


      And then I find out that THERE IS NO SUCH PRODUCT in adobe store... They dont sell phonegap. At all.


      Ok, I though that it's a bug and there has to be way to pay. I decided to find support.


      BOOM!  No support. Get the hell out with you money.



      Looks like NOBODY in this big company cares about sales. Nobody cares about support.

      The only way to use phonegap - is freemium.


      If anyone from phonegap team is reading this - pls call to adobe and tell them that they are loosers.

      And let me buy subscribtion finally!