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    Customer Support Down the Tubes!

    soleil_ajl_nyc Level 1
      This is feedback regarding the poor level of customer service that I experienced today while trying to get simple information about a CS4 program included in the design premium package that I recently purchased, specifically, Fireworks.

      As a business owner myself, I believe that you should be aware of how your representatives interact with your clients.

      First of all, I called try to ask a few questions regarding functionality about the Fireworks program. I was told that I needed to speak with a tech support representative, put on hold and passed to FIVE different people, on a call that lasted 45 minutes without getting the information that I was seeking.

      The first person I spoke with told me that I needed someone in Tech Support to answer my questions, (even though I stated that it was not a technical problem) then put me on hold for a number of minutes, this happened consecutively three more times, until finally the fifth person identified (DUH) that I needed to speak to a product specialist, (whom I asked to speak to in the first place.) She put me on hold, and after waiting another 12 minutes, I became frustrated with the whole situation and hung up, ultimately completely wasting my time.

      Since Adobe pretty much has a corner (monopoly) on the design software market and charges a good sum for products, I expect a higher level of customer service from your company. If you feel the need to save money by outsourcing to India, while still charging your customers a premium price for your products, I suggest you provide adequate training and product knowledge to your employees so that your clients can have a more positive experience, and not feel resentment for not having the ability to chose a different company who could potentially offer better service.

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          pixlor Level 4
          This is a user-to-user forum so we can't really help you with your message about poor customer support. (I sympathize with you, though!)

          We can, however, try to answer your questions about Fireworks functionality. What is it you'd like to know? :)

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            r u a computer guy? Level 1
            Lynda.com does a good job documenting software with demos. I was new to Fireworks and the site got me ramped up pretty quickly. Can't remember what the subscription cost but it was less than I would have "paid" if I tried to do it with just a software manual at my hourly rate.

            Once ramped up, you'll find it crashes quite a bit. But whatever... I just saved you some time with that.
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              Level 7
              Unless you're asking about forthcoming new features, sales data or shipping
              dates, your questions could possibly be asked and answered on product forums
              rather than getting all steamed up and giving us a blow-by-blow account of
              your experiences with Customer Support.

              I guess you could keep on venting to the choir (these user to user volunteer
              forums - but none of us can do anything about it) about the choirmaster
              (Adobe) but I wouldn't waste the time typing.

              What specific questions do you have?


              John Waller

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                SiamJai Level 2
                Looks like you have a knack for knocking on the wrong doors. :)

                First, in this day and age you shouldn't expect a huge international corporation to have mom-and-pop style live support chat. Unless it's an urgent matter, respecting their time and sending an email query instead has a much better chance of good response.

                Second, complaining about it on a user-to-user support forum will get you nothing other than some sympathizing ho-hums, but it does waste other people's time who're looking through the threads for things that actually can be answered here.
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                  Harpy II

                  The tech support is far worse than useless.  I have wasted hours trying to get my software restored after a general debacle.  They send links that don't work.  The tech support informs you the included instructions are wrong, then give you further erroneous instructions.  A complaint through email about the instructions finally results days later in sending back the same faulty instructions.  I have spent hours--it feels like months-trying to get a useful response.  I finally gave up and used iWork--not a great design program, but at least Apple can give the occasional straight answer.


                  While I am ambivalent about outsourcing in general, it is unambiguously absolutely, obvious that it doesn't work in this case. Despite the unfailing courtesy and presumed intelligence of the Indian tech support, it is quite clear that--while English may be the national language of India--the people to whom I have spoken do not understand what I say to them and give unresponsive, time wasting responses.  If I can find a decent alternative to Adobe, I'm gone with a hugh sigh of relief.  Does anyone know of alternatives???


                  Moreover, this is yet another sign (like the banking fiasco) that good faith has been utterly discarded by big business.


                  Yours, Harpy II

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                    no nicknames left Level 1

                    Yup. Adobe tech support are unsuportive non technical types hamperd by a cultural/language barrier.


                    Adobe howerver has some great howto and feature explaining videos on the adobetv.com sites.

                    Some of the guys on this i have met at conferences and they are really helpfull.


                    The videos are not ordered/categorized well, so look around a bit. the fireworks product 'features' page is desparately missing detail i know.