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    Questions on importing Aperture Photos to LR using plug in


      I am using the plug in to import my Aperture photos to LR.  I am not clear on the import works and what folder I should select to import to?  Hard to find details on this.   Any guidance or information would be greatly appreciated.  Apologies if my questions are basic... still learning the ropes here.

      1. Should I select the lightroom master folder or my external drive where I offload all my originals to? 
      2.  Where are the actual photo files getting imported to? 
      3.  I did try starting the import and selected my external drive and folder.  The import began and it started loading the photos to my external drive by year and date and not the project name as I have them in Aperture.  That is not what I want to see , so I stopped it, I hope that didn't mess things up. That being said I do see all the project names listed under Collections.   Is there a way to change the settings so that it maintains the library names and imports the photos to my external drive under those library names?
      4. I deleted all the files from my external drive. In LR, under collections I still have "from aperture" and all the projects listed.  Should I delete this before doing anything else ?
      5. If cannot change the settings for the plug in, can I use the export from Aperture to export the projects to my external drive and keep all the metadata intact and any editing I did?


      again , thank you for any quittance and information... Cheers Terry