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    newbie questions about sqlite

    vorpal Level 1
      I have to develop a project with an interface and a database of a 1000 lines.
      I have several questions :

      Does AIR need php or Apache to work? Or it's only AS3 commanding sqlite?

      Aren't 1000 lines too much for sqlite? I think it would still be faster to work with a local sqlite base than to connect to a remote mysql server. Am I right?

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          Jeff Swartz Level 3
          Adobe AIR does not require PHP or Apache. The SQLite feature in AIR lets you connect to local SQLite databases using ActionScript (or using JavaScript in an HTML-based application).

          SQLite can certainly handle 1000 lines in a database (assuming the size of the records do not push the database pass the available storage on the machine).

          Connecting to a local SQLite database in AIR should be faster than connecting to a remote server.