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    Licensing server availability on 06/25/2016


      Does anyone know why the Adobe licensing servers seemed to be down last Saturday, 06/25/2016?  It kept me from doing a server upgrade involving Adobe InDesign Server CC 2015.  Trying to figure out if that was a scheduled outage or not.  If the former, how do I learn when such outages are happening so I can better plan my upgrade windows.


      On another note, I doubt this is the right place to ask this question, but I can't seem to find a way to contact support that actually leads to me either talking to someone on the phone, via email, or chat session.  The methods in place that allow such aren't working as advertised or, in the case of phone support, tell me I need to get support from the website.


      So, if anyone either knows the answer to my question or knows a way (that works) to get in touch with support, that would be very helpful.


      Thank you.

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          Kostas Arvanitidis Level 1

          Hey, I had a similar issue today. Suddenly my CC apps just unlicensed themselves (!!) and CC app kept insisting that I had no valid licenses. Anyway I contacted (via chat) with support. I passed 3 levels/department of support staff (CC support, licensing staff, tech support).

          At last I was told that they had a bug that they're working on with their licensing servers. Right now i'm running the 7-day trial and keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be resolved tonight.

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            AdobeUserFromHell Level 1

            InDesign Server doesn't use the CC app to control licensing.  You have to insert a license key during install like the old CS6 and prior install method for the desktop tools.  My problem was that the licensing servers were simply unavailable and I know it was not a problem internal to my network.


            But, I do thank you for the heads up that the licensing servers are having a problem as it may affect me in other ways.