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    Buttons do not show when exported to PDF Interactive?


      I am new to InDesign, using the most recent CC version.

      I'm currently working on a single page document with three buttons, two open links, and one opens a file. Each are set up as follows:

      Type: Button

      Name: Shop Online

      Event: On Release or Tap

      Actions: (either) Go To URL (or) Open File

      for Appearance, I have [Normal], [Rollover], [Click] all visible, and they are all the same.

      for PDF Options, I have Printable checked.


      When I export the document as PDF Interactive these buttons are not visible, but I can still click and it carries out the actions perfectly, I just can't see the actual buttons themselves.

      When I looked at the Preview Spread: EPUB the buttons were visible, as well as when exported to PDF for print.

      I've tried changing the setting a bit, as well as made sure the shapes for the buttons are at the front in arrangement, but nothing seems to work and I'm on a deadline.

      What am I doing wrong?


      Thank you so much for any help.