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    Copying directory enclosing ID book files to new location, but cross-references won't update


      This is driving me mad. I feel like a month ago I had this working just fine, and now no matter what I do, the cross-references remain linked to the original file location.


      My project requires me to recreate this 120-page book with minor client-customization (logos, company names, certain chapter omissions, etc.) for each of my clients. It has been a nightmare and something I'm beginning to wonder if InDesign is even cut out for.


      My process has been to copy the original 'template' folder containing all the book contents into a new location (a folder called "Client_X" for example), and then create a new book in that new location and add the new location's book contents into that book (and then customize as necessary). But inevitably, the cross-references (such as "For more information, please refer to Chapter X Page Y") remain linked to the original location's documents.


      Can anybody outline a bullet-proof process for this? Or is there a more accommodating software I should be using?


      Thanks a lot for your time. --Ashley