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    RAW image processing colour accuracy in LR

    AndyKirby Level 1

      My workflow is that I shoot RAW on a Canon 6D and import into Lightroom using 'convert to DNG' without doing any kind of processing in presets or whatever.


      I find that in lightroom some images areas of bright colour are really overcooked and any texture detail is burned out. Particularly strong reds or oranges. No amount of slider tweaking seems to be able to bring it back.


      If I load the same DNG file into Photoshop using Adobe camera Raw I get the same result using the defaults.


      BUT... changing the process to "2003" and selecting "Camera Faithful" as the Camera Profile yields really good results with no burn out. 


      So back to Lightroom - Under Camera Calibration, I get "Embedded" as the only available camera profile and no choice of process.


      How can I make  Lightroom have the same options (2003 Process+Camera Faithful) as in Adobe Camera RAW...?


      As of today I am using latest CC versions of Photoshop, Lightroom and ACR.





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          dj_paige Level 9

          It would help if you showed us a screen capture.


          Most likely, you are accidentally applying a preset to the DNG or RAW photo, causing this to happen. Are the sliders set at zero for the Basic panel (except for Temp and Tint)? Is there only one item under History, that says Import?


          I strongly recommend you fix the problem instead of using the very limited and antiquated Process Version 2003.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are getting "embedded" as your only profile choice, that would indicate that you are not working on a raw image. You might be using DNG files, but if they were created from TIF files you won't get the different choices. The different profiles will only work on raw images. Perhaps you should consider adjusting the color saturation levels on one of your "normal" photos, and make any other adjustments that you want to have as part of your default settings. Then save new default settings for your camera. I find that I have to do that myself.

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              Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              So you're using "convert to DNG" in the import panel? That should work fine and should get you a choice of camera profiles. If it doesn't something is seriously awry. I would first import just the plain raw files and not convert to dng to check whether this is the issue or whether your Lightroom installation is messed up. What Lightroom version is this? Make sure to actually check in Lightroom Help->System info.


              You should not have to revert to the ancient 2003 process by the way and just selecting the profile should give you good results already. If it doesn't I would also check your screen calibration and redo that as this can also be caused by a bad monitor profile.