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    How Can I Create a keyboard shortcut for the Sequence Layers command?

    David Mudd Art Level 1

      Hello all,


      I know that it is extremely simple to select my layers -> Right click -> Keyframe Assistant -> Sequence Layers... |  and create a layer sequence quite easily.


      My question is, does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut / the correct command to add to (Adobe After Effects 13.6 Mac en_US Shortcuts.txt)



      "SendToBack" = "(Cmd+Option+Shift+DownArrow)(Cmd+Shift+-)(Cmd+Shift+[)"

      "Sequencelayers" = "(Cmd+Option+X)"

      "SetProxyFile" = "(Cmd+Option+P)"


      This is what I tried but it doesn't seem to work.  I use this command a lot so a key stroke would be awesome.


      Thanks in advance!

      - David