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    Premiere Clip

    glaustin Level 2

      Hi guys

      Apols if there is a specific forum, but couldn't find one.

      Finally downloaded Premiere clip to my Android Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Took a few seconds of film on the phone and edited, saving on the device. The final edit was 11mb. I tried to publish from phone to YouTube. It started to upload but seemed to hang. Tried a couple if times. Ended up copying the movie to Laptop at 14% it hung. I edited the same clip indentically in Pr 2015.2 and it uploaded in minutes. Any idea what could be causing the problem?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            glaustin Level 2

            Thanks, Anne.

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              bronwyn-lewis Adobe Employee

              Hi Graham,


              Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We'll look into it to see what may be going on.




              Product Manager

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                glaustin Level 2

                Many thanks, Bronwyn.

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                  glaustin Level 2

                  Hi Bronwyn

                  Did you get anywhere in looking into this issue? I've tried off and on to see if there's been any bug fix, but I may need to use Adobe Clip for a job at the weekend and I just tried to upload a 17 sec test clip to YouTube, with no effects or anything.


                  When I try to upload:


                  1. the clip processes then goes to 'upload'.


                  2. the timer goes around and around then I get a Sharing to YouTube Failed ('Your video could not be uploaded. Please try later'.) message.


                  3. an upload page is created on YouTube with the text from my clip and the YouTube message 'Thank you! Your upload is complete. Refresh the page once the video has finished processing to see the video player and thumbnails'. Sadly the video isn't processing at all...


                  4. Whenever I go back to the clip, the timer wheel is still going around and around...


                  I can upload clips to YouTube direct from my Samsung GN4's Clip gallery, without problems. So, as a work around, I can export an edited clip from Adobe Clip to my device's gallery and upload from there. Obviously that is an additional step that shouldn't be there and costs a bit of time.


                  Swift feedback would help.




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                    petergaraway Adobe Employee

                    Hi Graham,


                    Sorry you're still experiencing this issue. We have not be able to reproduce this issue in house. Can you try signing out of clip and back in to see if that helps? If that does not resolve the issue, I'd recommend deleting the Clip and reinstalling. It's possible that somehow your account got into a bad state.


                    I'm happy that you're able to save to your gallery and upload from there, but I'd definitely like to get to the bottom of this. Is your device OS also up to date?




                    Peter Garaway

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                      glaustin Level 2

                      Hi Peter

                      Thanks, I managed to use a work around but I will try your suggestions.




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                        glaustin Level 2

                        Well, I've tried uninstalling/ reinstalling but it's not solved the problem. I just can't upload to YouTube from Clip, but if I export an edited clip to my gallery I can upload it successfully to YouTube with the same settings...