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    Icon getting replaced with Cordova icon (87px on iOS 6 plus)


      All icons are appearing correctly on iOS except with the iPhone 6s plus and only for the size: icon-small@3x.png. Phonegap Build is inserting the Cordova icon at this size.


      Here are the relevant lines in my config.xml:


      <platform name="ios">

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon.png"               width="57" height="57" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon@2x.png"            width="114" height="114" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-72.png"            width="72" height="72" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-72@2x.png"         width="144" height="144" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-60.png"            width="60" height="60" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-60@2x.png"         width="120" height="120" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-76.png"            width="76" height="76" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-76@2x.png"         width="152" height="152" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-60@3x.png"         width="180" height="180" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-small.png"         width="29" height="29" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-small@2x.png"      width="58" height="58" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-small@3x.png"      width="87" height="87" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-40.png"            width="40" height="40" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-40@2x.png"         width="80" height="80" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-50.png"            width="50" height="50" />

              <icon src="res/icon/ios/icon-50@2x.png"         width="100" height="100" />