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    Where are the video playback controls?


      I'm using Presenter 11.  I can import a video but is there no option to add playback controls to the video itself?   

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          The video playback is controlled by the Adobe Presenter play bar. So you don't need a second set of playback controls to make things more complicated.

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            rvl Level 1

            Yes I do...  I don't want the video to start playing until the user click a play button after other animations have taken place.  Right now it starts the moment the slide displays.


            The fix I found is simply to use PowerPoint's video widget.

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Well, that changes the nature of your question. While I still think a second set of player controls will just complicate the issue. There are a few solutions.


              1. Place a pause (Wait for User) marker in the Edit Audio function after all of your other animations take place. Then put a delay start on the video for that point. The slide will then pause after your slide content and the user can click Play on the play bar to watch it when they are ready.
              2. Place the video on it's own slide and set the Advance by User setting to Yes for the slide prior to the video in the Slide Manager tool. This will let your animations play on the slide then when the viewer is ready they click the Play button to move to the next slide with the video.
              3. Create a SWF video player with your video embedded and place it on the slide and don't have Presenter control the SWF. This will allow you to have whatever player controls you want in the SWF wrapper of the video and the viewer can click play whenever they want. The video will play independently of the Presenter presentation. You will likely want to put the Advance by User setting on this slide so it doesn't move on until the viewers are ready and click the Play or Next buttons on the Adobe Presenter playbar.


              Be careful about inserting video and/or audio via PPT's functions. They may not be in the converted output of Presenter.