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    New Merge to HDR Bug with 2015.5


      Hi - I was one of those people who had to downgrade to an older ACR with that update came out that did not allow for editing of 32 bit images > in particular from merging to hdr pro.  Glad to see that was fixed!

      But I found a new, albeit similar, error.

      **When trying to create an hdr from TIFF files - for example, using one 1 to create 3 "exposures" and using those to merge to hdr pro > same thing as before now happens.  The process begins then simply closes like nothing happened.  I keep trying with various 16 bit tiffs - it always starts - then the files it was starting to merge all just close and nothing happens.  Doesn't even make it to the "ghosting" and "tone in adobe camera raw" screen.


      Anyone else find this?


      Any suggestions?


      Thank you.