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    Problems with sound in preview

    FMA production


      During preview the sound track plays in 2-3 second (not at once). If I do n ot make a pause in preview the sound starts at once in the second circle only. If I make any corrections in the project the same happens with the sound. Can you help - what is the problem, what should be done?

      Thank you beforehand.

      P.S. OS Windows 10 X64, Geforge GTX 670, RAM 18 Gb, After Effect CC 2015.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please try to describe your issue in more detail. I'm not quite following what's happening.


          Please also tell us what the full version number of AE you're using is. Is it

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            FMA production Level 1

            I will explain what happens step by step.

            The following paramete is ticked:  Edit/Preferences/Preview/Mute Audio when preview is not real time

            1. On time line I make some animation. Put sound track.

            2. Press "0" on Numlock. Prerender starts.

            3. As soon as the prerender stops, preview starts. In preview the sound tack starts not from the very beginning but from the 2-3 sec., though in the original it is from 0 second. In project setting preview is circled. If not stopping the preview, the sound activates from the 0 second only from the second circle.

            This happens in all versions of AE CC 2015.

            I suspect that it is the problem with a sound card, but I might be wrong.

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              FMA production Level 1

              problem with sound (video) - YouTube https://youtu.be/B7_cF4anUe4


              Have a look at this video, it contains the video screen of the mentioned problem. If you watch it till the end, you will understand what I ment.

              Thank you beforehand.

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                Snakedogman Level 2

                Try disabling the "mute audio when preview is not real time" option. This is what causes a delay in audio playback for me as well, even when the preview is actually playing in real time. It seems there is still some bug where AE doesn't correctly report whether it's preview is in real time or not to whatever subsystem is playing the audio.

                If you combine this with enabling the "cache before playback" option in the preview panel, you won't have to deal with stuttering audio while AE is trying to play back the preview before it fully cached. In fact this makes it work quite like how the "old" preview system worked before CC2015.

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