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    'complete' event listener doesn't work.

    babo_ya Level 3
      this.createClassObject(mx.controls.Loader, "my_ldr", 10);
      var loaderListener bject = new Object();
      loaderListener.complete = function(evt_obj bject){
      trace("loading complete");
      my_ldr.setSize(90, 90);

      //Add listener.
      my_ldr.addEventListener("complete", loaderListener);

      I want it to be resized to 90, 90 after it is completed loaded. I know MovieClipLoader uses 'onLoadInit' instead of 'onLoadComplete' to trigger that item is loaded completely. I was wondering for 'Loader' component it is something else instead of 'complete' to trigger that item is completely loaded.

      Thanks in advance.