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    arrays,structures for reports

    silviasalsa Level 1
      arrays,structures for reports

      I am about to start some reporting projects
      For querying from the DB and outputting to a display page,
      I was told that arrays, structures are useful for these projects.

      I am white belt in CF and Web stuff.
      Someone in the meeting has mentioned to me to use
      In my reports.

      · How can I use arrays to out put HTML records from an oracle query?

      · How is it useful for displaying output (database)?


      · What is the difference between 1 dimensional vs. 2 dimensional arrays?

      · Cfdump? Do I need to use this?
      How can I use Structures to these kinds of projects? With arrays

      Thank you very much
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          Dan Bracuk Level 5
          Arrays and structures are potentially useful, but for simple jobs, like running a query and showing the results, they are an unnecessary complication.

          To output data, use the <cfoutput> tag. If you don't know what that is, look it up in the cfml reference manual. If you don't have one, google it, complete with the angle brackets, followed by the version number of whatever version of cold fusion you are running. The correct part of the manual will probably be the first offering.

          <cfdump> is a wonderful debugging tool. Use it extensively when developing your reports. However, while you can use it in your actual reports, you probably won't want to.