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    Create window


      Hello all,
      How can I create a window in director mx 2004 and create controllers for it at the title

      bar ( maximize ,minimaize & close ) how define a size for the window ,etc. ?

      Thank you very much for your attention.
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          Search Google groups for "MIAW" - Movie In A Window. In the Director
          Scripting Reference, look under Director Core Objects > Window

          Dave -
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            Have you looked through the Help section titles About MIAWs?

            Rob Dillon
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              James Newton, ACP Level 3
              Movies in a Window (MIAWs) only work in projectors. You cannot create a MIAW in Shockwave.

              Your window will display a movie. So create a new movie and place your window content in it. With nothing selected on the Stage, open the Property Inspector at the Display Template tab. All the controls for defining the title bar and buttons are there. Save your movie and open another one. In the Message window, type:

              open window().new("the name of your movie")

              You might be presented with a dialog asking where to find the movie you just saved.

              You will probably want the window to open automatically and at a given position with respect to the main movie on the Stage.

              Visit the Director Live Docs site, wait for the page to load completely then, in the left-hand pane click on:

              * Director Scripting Reference
              ** Director Core Objects
              *** Window

              This gives you an index to all the methods and properties that you can use when working with MIAWs.

              TIP: When creating a MIAW, put all its media and code in external casts, and link these casts to the movie that you will be using on the Stage. This allows you to access the media and code in the MIAW even when you are working on a different movie. (You will not be able to edit the Score of the MIAW this way).