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    CGI realism? - Element 3D

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      hello people,

      I tried using element 3D to put a vehicle (any vehicle, doesnt matter it's just for my knowledge and testing.) on a open field. So I tracked 3D camera inside of AE, put a helicopter from videocopilots 3D pack inside the scene using element 3D, and it stayed. It was good tracked. So thats all good. But my question is: how do I make it look realistic? I did duplicate the layer, made it flat and put fast blur on it to make a shadow. That was good and it looked realistic enough. But it's just that the helicopter itself looks so weird and not natural in the scene. It's too dark aswell and I dont know how to make it realistic. Can someone that has experience in this help me? Like how do you make your CGI look realistic? (Hopefully using element 3D). Thanks alot!


      Greetings from the netherlands.


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          DennisEngine Level 1

          There's not a one click solution for making things realistic.  You have to match the light setup from the original scene, so look where the sun came from etc. But reading your post, I get the impression you don't have a whole lot experience with it yet, since the way to make a shadow like that in Element 3D is by using the matte shadow material.

          It's much easier to talk about this when you show us a screenshot, like this it's just guessing what's wrong with it.


          Greetings from the same country.

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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            There's a reason why big-budget film and TV may have multiple artists, sometimes dozens, working on just one shot for weeks on end. Compositing is a very complex and skilled art form, that takes years of training and development to be the best. That said, many tools like Element 3D bring incredible power into the hands of us all, so don't be disheartened.


            If you can post a link to your work I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions.  Typically, the big issues that make basic compositing look good and bad are things like colour grading (colour temp, black levels etc), atmospherics (fog, dust, light spill, volumetric light) and the list goes on.

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              Like how do you make your CGI look realistic?


              Years of experience. That's all there is to say. You have to understand how lighting and surfaces interact and how specific shaders in 3D tools need to be tweaked to capture those subtle things. You don't learn this just by following tutorials. It'S a continuous process of hands on work and every render gets better. That and of course the quality of the model and level of detail play an important part. If you post an image, we may be able to advise for this specific scenario, but unless you realyl commit to learning this stuff, you will run into the same problem the next time. That's just how it is.



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                DennisEngine Level 1

                And never forget to just look outside and just see how light works in real life.

                Of course like said before, on big budget productions there's a whole team working, but with some productions a decent result will be enough as long as it doesn't distract.