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    dynamic stamp resize assistance


      We use the dynamic stamps on forms across our organization.  However, how do you set preferences on the stamps - size, color, etc.

      We do not want to have to resize and change the color every time that they are used.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated


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          formsdoctor Level 1

          The color setting won't do anything because a stamp is an image.  You can set the opacity by right-clicking the stamp, selecting "properties", setting the opacity, and checking off "make properties default".  If want a consistent initial size you will have to recreate the stamp to the desired size.

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            kathyh70553569 Level 1

            I see no where to set the opacity- there is a document properties when I right click the stamp and then mulitple tabs, I do not see the opacity setting nor do I see a box that states make properties Default.

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              formsdoctor Level 1

              It is "properties", not "document properties".  The opacity setting is in the appearance tab.  Make Properties Default is a the bottom of each tab.


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                kathyh70553569 Level 1

                Okay I change the Opacity but I really need to change the size of the respective dynamic stamp - it is Huge and I use it multiple times a day and I do NOT want to have resize it each and every time that I use the stamp.  This is inefficienct.  I cannot seem to delete it and recreate the stamp - it is the same size no matter what.

                Is this a bug with the program - for this to be a professional version, I find this application very hard to work with and non -user friendly.  If there are tutorials that go into detail, please let me know but I have found no such place to assist or person.

                We would prefer to use just one application but it appears that PDF Nuance has much more flexibility but it is an unstable application.  Adobe Professional has proven to be somewhat stable as well - I have worked with our IT folks and they have uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe to no avail, it has still proven to be unstable with stamp use and inflexible.

                IF anyone can assist, please do so!