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    Flash Player


      I have tried all troubleshooting techniques for installing flash player on my Mac. I still can not update it. V.10 or later it wants me to update to.


      I hit install and at 52 percent it quits.


      Tried a fresh install of flash, deleted library files of flash(there were none actually)


      Any help will be appreciated.

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          vincentc72267217 Level 1

          I tell you what, Adobe is TERRIBLE with it's updates. Adobe Creative goes like this. Download new updates, oh wait, Download new manager update, Download manager update fail, restart, delete these library files, install something else, manager update fail again, try again, manager update successful, application update fail, restart manager, try again, ........... 


          Now this, Flash can't update, follow the troubleshooting techniques none of it works. THE ANSWER: in the forums, download the stand-alone update. Ok Adobe, instead of wasting my time trying to figure out all your crappy update situations why don't you do something about your install procedures. Make it simple.