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    How to export in PDF 1.4 ?

    alexandrem52502002 Level 1


      I do manage to creat a contact sheet and export it in pdf. But it's a 1.3 version PDF . And my Lab, ask me for a 1.4 PDF version ....

      I do not found any way to choose the PDF version doing  "print setting" ->pdf-> save has a pdf...

      I do not found any preference option I could change .

      So I don't even know if it's possible or not ....

      Have you any idea ?

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          What version of Lightroom are you using? I do not see a "PDF" option for the contact sheets. Only a JPEG option,


          And I do not see what the reason may be to specify the 1.4 version. The 1.3 version was introduced with Acrobat 4, PDF 1.4 has been introduced with Acrobat 5 (as shown here The history of PDF | How the file format and Acrobat evolved , Illustrator 9 introduced PDF1.4, but that is a detail). Version 1.3 is pre-press usable, but lacks some features like transparency, which makes it obsolete. That said, files at a 1.3 level should be read by an application asking for 1.4.

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            alexandrem52502002 Level 1

            Hi Feieirwoon ,

            I use the last version of LR.

            I dodn't know why the lab doesn't work with 1.3 .... but it doesn't.... And I need a 1.4 .


            To print in PDF , it's quite easy . In the Print module, you go on the bottom left click on "Print Settings..." and a windows pop-up. Then you clic on the bottom left ot PDF (right to the ? button ) , and the select save as .  And ... "abracadabra" !

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              I don't think the "PDF print" in Print Settings you are seeing is part of Lightroom but is from you operating system.  My MAC with OSx 10.11.5 creates PDF files from within Lightroom using version 1.3.   You could install a non-OS software "PDF PRINTER" that supports 1.4 and then chose that as your printer.  There are good free ones available.  Your best option is to find a print lab that that knows what they are doing and can print your 1.3 PDF file.

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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                Being curious about this topic I experimented-

                (I do not know of Printer drivers that have a "Print to PDF" with Windows-10 OS, as does Mac.)


                My options are-

                1. Choose the printer  "Microsoft print to PDF"  This created a PDF file that was v1.7

                2. Choose my (free) "PrimoPDF" (installed software)  created a v1.5.


                So maybe the OPs question depends on the Printer driver that sets the PDF version.

                Can he update or re-install the printer driver to achieve the v1.4 (or later?)

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                  Bob Somrak Level 6

                  On the Mac (OSx 10.11.5) the following dialog comes up in Lightroom and other programs so it is an Operating System PDF print, probably like the "Microsoft Print to PDF" on Windows.  On my Windows Machine I use "CutePDF" as a printer since Windows XP and it works well.


                  I would find another print lab if they could not figure out how to print a version 1.3 PDF file.  I don't understand why the OP is using PDF instead of JPG to send to a lab anyway.



                  Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 7.46.25 PM.png

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                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                    A simple workaround is:

                    Do a JPEG contact sheet and convert that with a free PDF converter to the required 1.4 version.


                    I would look for lab alternatives... :-)