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    Indesign CS6 - Where to buy?


      Hi there! I'd like to purchase Indesign CS6 standalone as written on the website: Features der Creative Suite Master Collection und Design & Web Premium sind jetzt Teil der Creative Cloud . If I call the mentioned number, they'll tell me, that there is no phone-support on this product, I'd use the website. But on the Adobe-site, there is no possibility to buy CS6. Anyone could help me in that case?





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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          On the English language version of your web page, there is also a phone number for purchase of CS6. As far as I know, that's the only way to purchase CS6. I've been told that the operators will discourage you from purchasing if you are using a new operating system because InDesgin CS6 is incompatible with newer Mac and Windows operating systems. I believe there is only limited support for the product. The product is four years old.


          It's not a good value, and it will not be upgraded. If your computer breaks and you need to buy a new one, your software will not work. It's really better to get a subscription to InDesign CC.

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            Abambo Adobe Community Professional

            InDesign CS5 is compatible with Windows 10 and I doubt that InDesign CS6 would I do not be running. I do not know however about Mac OS,


            The software will work on a new computer, but you my have activation problems.


            But as Steve states, it's bad value for the money. Go for inDesign CC.

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Not officially. Windows can handle backward compatibility far better than Mac. I have CS6 installed here and in the limited times I’ve needed it it’s worked fine. But…paying $700 on what would be a crap shoot at best is just plain foolish.

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                stefans83230094 Level 1

                thx for your answers. The problem is, we've got some older InDesign at our office, most of them CS6 and we are happy with them. Upgrading to CC means there is a problem with downgrade compatibility, right? Therefore we'd like to take another CS6-versions rather than CC. In let's say 4-5 years, we need to upgrade anyway. But it seemed to be impossible to buy CS6...



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                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  A subscription to CC includes CS6. For InDesign only that would be $20/month on an annual basis.

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                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                    Compatibility: Not officially, but it runs (well at least CS5). InDesign is not such a software that you would expect to fail. I suppose that I could get version 1.0 running on Win10.


                    It's foolish to pay 700$, except if you use it for 2 years and you really need only InDesign 6.0. We used InDesign 5.0 for quite some time before changing. We changed to CC, because collaboration was getting difficult.


                    This could also be a reason taking the subscription...

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                      Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                      If you subscribe to CC it gives the right to run a special CS6 (but not CS5)

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                        Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                        It seems so. I have however never tried it out. CS5 was outdated when Adobe started with CC. We bought CS1 and upgraded since then gradually to CS5. Just before I wanted to change to CS7, Adobe dropped the upgrade paths and introduced the lease model. I waited, but we now did the step into the subscription model, because partners all needed to save their files in the IDML format, before passing them on. In addition, the web-tools (Dreamweawer, Flash) where helplessly outdated. In in the final, I got the budget...