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    Adobe and invoices, not good

    yoyomaryoo6 Level 1

      Just spent over 45 minutes in a support chat room, trying to get a copy of a $.99 invoice. Adobe charged my credit card but has no clue where to find the invoice. Such a bothersome detail to Adobe.

      • They sent an email saying it was resolved, saying that an email was sent with all of my invoices. Yet I only received the email after I went back to support to complain.
      • When I finally got the email, it gave me a link. Chased the link, only to find that the "issue was still being processed by the agent".
      • When the "issue was finally processed" It showed no invoice on the date nor any date near the date that Adobe charged my credit card.
      • Received another "resolved" email from Adobe. You could hear the hands being wiped clean of my problem.


      Jeese Adobe. Again why not simply email invoice(s). National security issue, it's not.