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    Accessibility: reading multiple labels

      Dear All,

      I've been given an accessibility requirements document. According to that document, a 'field' in a form is part of a group of controls, the group having its own label [1]. The 'field' is actually built using a number of items:
      - Error indicator [2]: Visual indicator with tooltip explaining which error occured on this field. Not focusable, associated with the input control.
      - Mandatory field indicator [3]: Visual indicator with tooltip “This field is mandatory”. Not focusable, associated with the control.
      - Label [4]: Not focusable, associated with its control.
      - Input control: When focus is on the control, it must be highlighted with a border around it. Screenreader must read various texts associated with it in this order: Group label [1], Error indicator tooltip [2], Mandatory indicator tooltip [3], Label [4] and Hint [5] (and I guess current value, but that's missing from the doc).
      - Hint [5]: Not focusable, associated with its field.

      In practice, the hint is not used. A custom Label component is used for the label, it has a "forInput" property to bind it to the TextInput (or ComboBox etc.). The "mandatory" indicator is also added using custom Text or Label elements, with a forInput attribute binding them to the input control's ID.

      How is it possible to read all of that data when the input control is focussed? Should the input's accessibilityProperties.name value be updated to concatenate all of them (e.g. when the form is submitted, and validation rules fail)? Can you think of any better solution? (I'm new to Flex, the app is huge and almost complete, I was assigned the task of testing and fixing accessibility issues.)

      Thanks in advance,