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    Lightroom synchronisation mobile


      i have an issue with the synchronisation of lightroom on my mobile ... i can delete pics in lightroom but when i start lightroom and synchronisation again the same pics are imported/uploaded ... do i have to delete them manually from within the lightroom app and the android system?!


      that would be pretty ****** ... how do you handle this?

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          Are these photos synced from Lightroom Desktop or Photos taken using the camera in the lightroom mobile app? I have made a post about photos taken in the lightroom mobile app. You can delete the photo within the app, however it doesn't delete the actual file in the android system folder. So perhaps it is auto importing from each time you open the app.


          After deleting the photo in the app lightroom mobile won't display the photo but the ~20mb file will remain unless you physically navigate to that folder on you device and delete the file (the trouble with this is android itself can't display the image so you haveto do this by file name). Very annoying.

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            Swarnima Adobe Employee



            When you sign in using you Adobe Account in Lightroom(LR), the images are not stored on your mobile. They are just cached. Hence, they cannot get uploaded again automatically. There can be scenarios where this can seem to happen. I would be able to help you out if you can first help me understand the entire process you are doing.

            Also, can you please reply to the following questions:

            1. Where are you deleting the photo from Mobile LR?
              • Collection
              • All LRPhotos
            2. What is the message that comes when you select remove on a photo? Does it say remove from Collection or remove from both 'Lightroom Photos' and Collection?
            3. Are you synchronising back again from Desktop Application or Mobile application?
            4. When you delete the pic, is your network working or not?
            5. When you start the LR? What do you mean by this? Do you quit LR app after deleting the photo or sign out after deleting the photo?
            6. Where was the Photo ( you deleted) uploaded from, Mobile itself? If yes, then, when you start LR again and start synchronising again, do you have the "Auto Add" option selected from your LR menu on the left?
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              23932742 Level 1

              Hi - thanks for your effort!

              I talked with the adobe support, there doesn't seem to be an ideal workaround ...


              It's all about pics I take with my mobile. They are stored on the mobile and when I start the Lightroom app automatically or manually uploaded/imported. Then I select some of them (within the Lightroom app), i.e. whatsapp pics I'm not interested in ... delete them and they disappear from the Lightroom app. I know that the physical files are still on my mobile, I could delete them from time to time manually, that would be fine. The problem is: If I don't do this before I close and start the Lightroom app again, Lightroom imports the same pics again!


              Don't understand why this is not an issue for everone. Lightroom should remember which files were imported before ...

              But I guess I have to deal with it. I'm gonna switch back to dropbox, select manually and import then directly into the Desktop-Lightroom.

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                Swarnima Adobe Employee



                The issue exists and we are looking into it. We will try to get it fixed soon and will let you know once it is fixed.

                Thanks for bringing to our notice.