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    Mac InDesign CC (2015), Cannot Save Files


      I am using InDesign CC (2015) and cannot save my files.


      The problem began today. When I press Command S there appears a dialogue box,  "Cannot save " Untitled - 1" [ or "Untitled - 2," etc.] under a new name. The file 'DBTmp173464003808312' [a new file number, with the same first six digits, is generate with each new attempt] is damaged (Error code:0)."


      With old files, I seem to be able to obviate the problem by checking in permissions that I am allowed to read and write. But using the "change all" command still does not enable me to create and save new files.


      I have established a workaround to create new files – by copying an old document, then deleting everything from it and recreating the document setup as I now want it. But this is a tedious process that, of course, should not be necessary.


      I am using a MacBook Air with OS10.11.5.  I would be grateful for advice in this matter.