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    The importance of updating web connectors on CF

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      I have been recently asked to look into updating the web connectors on our server at work. First, some stats:


      Server RHEL 5

      ColdFusion 10 (64bit)

      Apache (not sure of the ver number)


      When I first did this install, I had to compile a custom connector to get it to work.  However, there has always been one issue. In the rare times where I have had to stop CF from the command lines, I can't get CF to come back up and reconnect to the webserver. However, after  a reboot everything works fine. I started researching the problem and I came across http://www.carehart.org/blog/client/index.cfm/2013/9/13/why_you_must_update_cf10_webserver _connector - Charlie's article about updating the connector.


      My first question is: Can someone from Adobe give me a little bit of information as to what happens when you create a connector?

      If I complied a connector when I first installed CF and compiled a connector *after* I have updated CF to the latest version are those connectors different?


      I'm asking as doing this could get a bit tricky and since the server is running fine now, I don't want to poke the bear unless absolutely necessary.