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    Panos and HDR files lost in Lightroom


      Hello All,


      I just finished editing photos for a client and the folder contained a handful of -Pano and -HDR files that were created in Lightroom.  I exported them and delivered them to the client (*whew!*).  I then moved them from one folder to another on my computer within the same hard drive they were imported to (an internal drive, but not my operating HD).  Now all of the panos and HDR files are GONE.  The previews are still in LR, but they have the "!" in the top right corner of the thumbnail.  When I click it, it says "file not found.  Would you like to locate it?"  To which I have searched everywhere and they're not there. 


      All of the normal RAW files are there and all of my edits seem to have been applied, it's just that the Panos and HDR files have disappeared!  Help!  Thanks!