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    Insert PDF image on another PDF page


      We often have to present a partner's PDF as part of our own documents. Each page will have our header, footer, and margins, and images of their PDF pages, resized to fit within the margins (maybe with a thin border). Usually we do this by saving the PDF as a stack of bitmaps (JPG, TIFF, or PNG), and insert them in a Word document one by one. Then we have to struggle with either file size or resolution. If only you could really insert a PDF in its full vector-y glory in a Word document, as if it were an EMF! Using "insert object\acrobat document" gets lousy results.

      If I could bypass Word entirely, that would be great: have a PDF of our blank document (with headers/footers/page numbers), and insert each page of the partner's PDF. I know you can do that with the stamp, but that's impossibly cumbersome for more than a couple of pages. I'm faced with a ~150 page project...

      And I know that Acrobat now lets you insert graphic files, but oddly it doesn't support "PDF" as one of the graphic formats it permits.

      I have also tried taking a "snapshot" of a PDF page and using the "paste clipboard image as stamp tool" to paste the page, but it comes in very huge and is cumbersome to resize.

      Any brilliant ideas?


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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          You can use a PDF page as the face of a button field. In your case, you could have a script that loads your header/footer document, and then adds one button per page and imports the button face from the PDF document that you want to place on these pages - one page at a time. Once the whole document is imported, your script can then flatten the whole document, and you have exactly what you are looking for. It requires some scripting, but it's not too complex to do. As an alternative, you can also use the watermark feature to accomplish the same look (again, using a script). Have you ever used JavaScript with Acrobat?

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            pbasch Level 1

            Whoa. That's an impressive answer! I'll have to give it a go.

            No, I haven't used JavaScript with Acrobat. I have only imported a script that someone else wrote, which I know doesn't count.

            But I'll try to do it manually!