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    LR6 SO slow/ not responding.  Bezel and Shadow windows even in Grid mode.


      Lightroom has crawled to a halt. 


      I'm in Grid mode attempting a custom sort.  Just clicking on an image to highlight it in Grid mode gives me the spinny wheel, not responding, Bezel not responding, shadow not responding.  Same results on a different computer.  I've been stuck all day.


      Lightroom 6.6, updated today from 6.5 while attempting to troubleshoot (no improvement).

      Windows 10

      8 GB RAM

      All drivers up to date

      GPU disabled

      Presets folder has been deleted

      Catalog has been optimized

      Cache has been purged

      Windows has been restarted

      Up to 86% CPU utilization with no other programs running

      up to 50% memory utilization with no other programs running.


      In searching for this issue, I've found tons of people with the same issue, all unresolved.  When is Adobe going to fix this issue?  The same issue was written about in 2014 in https://scottwyden.com/letter-adobe-lightroom-team/   -- Scott says Adobe is fixing this, but I'm not seeing t he fruits of those labors.  Like Scott, we also speak and teach at conventions on Lightroom, but at this point, I'm running out of positive things to say.  And of course, apparently purchasing the software does not actually entitle me to technical support.


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