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    Updated table is linked to 3 year old Text Edit file. Can't unlink

    Melio123 Level 1

      We create a course catalog with multiple pages of a table format, data dumped and then repopulated every semester with new course. In the past two bulletins, I can't package my file because it sees a broken link to a Spring 2014 table. That link is to an old Text Edit file.


      If I delete the 2014 Text Edit file, everything in 2016 is deleted on the page. I found that link under a layer I never created, and if I delete the layer, everything is deleted, too.

      This is insane. I've tried almost everything. Oh, and saved as .idml, but InDesign CC refuses to open it, the process crashed my computer six times. I gave up.


      I was hoping saving backward might eliminate the corruption.


      All suggestions welcome!!