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    Photobook 'endnotes' thumbnail overview with captions

    Jojakeem Level 1

      I'm preparing a project for which I have to make 12 photobooks based on an exact same lay-out, but each book containing a different set of 46 pictures. At the end of the book there has to be an overview with thumbnails of all images, with a description of the according image,


      First I thought about generating the 12 books with data merge, but I now realise it takes a human eye to decide how the images will be put in the grid in a pleasing order. But then I'd have to also manually place the images in the same order in the endnote thumbnail+caption overview.


      Could maybe somehow these endnote thumbnails be linked to the graphic frames of the preceding lay-out, so they would automatically show the same image I'm referring to, without having to place the image a second time?


      Or perhaps more in line with how a script would work: after assigning an image to every graphic frame in the book lay-out, have a script generate the last spreads, which basically would be a contact sheet based on all the placed images in the documents plus captions from metadata.