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    newspaper pages revert to dummy quotes upon reopening

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      I proofread hundreds of newspapers and part of my routine is to change all "dummy quotes" and straight apostrophes to curly symbols. I can do this with no problems, but if I re-open a page, or someone else does, the text all reverts to the wrong punctuation. I think that is because the original text file that is linked to the page is formatted this way. I cannot assume every designer or editor who opens a page after I am done with it will know to do this, so at least one page has been published with the ugly "dummy quotes" all over the page. I work with hundreds of people and any one of a few dozen of them in my office and remotely across the country has access to and may need to change a newspaper page after I am finished with it. How do I make my edits that change quotation marks and apostrophes STAY PUT?


      I have searched the forum and found no other discussions with a similar question. I have "use typographer's quotes" checked off on my preferences and it stays checked 100% of the time. The problem may not be with InDesign necessarily, but with the content management system we use, which organizes and links all of the photos, text and graphics that we use from hundreds of remote locations across the country. If that is the case, I will try to find a support team for that product. I just want to make certain it's not a fix I can do within InDesign.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          What content management system do you use? If the text files are linked, your changes will only apply if the text stories are checked out.

          The coworkers with InCopy have to use the same settings as you have and you have to take care, that everyone uses the correct language settings and very important, that text is formatted with Paragraph and Character styles and never are manual override used.