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    Looking for good tutorials

    Ed Hawco
      Hi. I haven't used Robohelp since about 1995, so I'm way behind. I know FrameMaker *very* well, so it's not like I'm a total nOOb with Adobe products. But when I look at the Robohelp Web Help in TCS, it boggles my mind. (I want to use FrameMaker files as the source for Web Help).

      At a high level I understand what's happening. I understand about style mappings and all that. But I cannot make any connection between that high level understanding and what I see in Robohelp! What I really need is a tutorial(s) that will help me learn about things like WORKFLOW and how to do specific things like:

      - Add or remove a topic.

      - Fix up mappings AFTER I've imported the FrameMaker book into Robohelp.

      - Optimize graphics (some of my graphics that use FrameMaker drawing tools for callouts get blown apart after importing them. Also, JPG quality is really bad.)

      - Re-jig it so H2 and H3 create "topics" and not just H1.

      I realize these forums are for discussion of more focused problems, so I'm not hoping to have you all coach me through this learning process. But if anyone here knows of a good tutorial or book that would help me get going, please point me to it/them!

      Note that I've tried a couple of the "video" tutorials on the Adobe web site, and they were more annoying than helpful. Also, I find the "help" within Help to be excessively wordy and not very useful (this is an across the board problem with Adobe I think). Any third-party resources out there?