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    Large sign help!


      Hi! I am a Graphic Designer at a business and I am assigned to make a sign that is 4ft high by 220 ft wide (yes, this is super large) and I am aware that I cannot make something that wide in Indesigm.... how can I possibly make this so it can be sent to the printer and they can print it in the size they are looking for?


      PLEASE HELP!!!

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          MW Design Level 5

          Make it at scale and request that the printer scale it up to its proper dimension. And if you really mean 220' and not 220", then you are going to need to make panels as regards the width and so may as well figure out what scale is going to work comfortably for the ID file itself so speed in construction and output is maximized.


          If you will be using bitmaps and or raster effects (like drop shadows, etc) use twice the intended resolution for those effects and or images if, for example, using a 50% scale.


          But...have you talked about this job with whomever is going to be printing it? That's a big first-thing to do. They will have sound advice for how they will want the PDF files as regards scale and raster resolution.



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            Stephanie_xoxo Level 1

            Thank you, MW Design! The sign I made was to go above stadium seating, so yes 4ft by 220ft ... it was a repetition of a logo all the way across. I ended up making one section of it and then the printer will print it enough times to make it reach the whole length!


            Thanks again for your advice!!