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    After Effects 2015.3 does not open or save my Projects anymore.(Win 10)


      Since I installed the Update, I opened one older Project, that had to be converted.I got the dialog and hit OK.  Now I can not save or open other projects anymore, the only things to open are in the recent-tab, I can not open other folders, AE does not open the file dialog at all. Same for Saving. Nothing got saved, also no way to save a copy or save as. Also no auto save. I did realize this after 5 hours of work, when I restarted the program and found out nothing was saved. I uninstalled AE and re-installed it. No change, no saving or opening. You will have the Start Dialog, but you can hit the open button 1000 times, nothing is happening. You can open all the recent ones that are on the dialog or create a new one, but then again no way to save, save as, save a copy. When you close AE the requester asks you, if you want to save the project, but even then AE is saving nothing.

      I wish I could somehow rollback to the older version, that worked perfectly. Just wasted a full day for BS....

      Any Ideas, what I could do?