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    Problem activating Lightroom on my "new" computers

    Jim Air Level 1

      My Lightroom is stand-alone.  I have read all the previous threads and followed the links.  However when I go to phone customer care it tells me that phone contact not available for my Lightroom "product" ??   Is this because I live in New Zealand ? 


      I got a new chip, motherboard and RAM for my desktop and the cloning did not work so have had to re-install all of my programs one by one.  I therefore did not have access to my formerly loaded Lightroom to sign out.


      With regard to my laptop, I have now progressed matters in that although I have had an SSD drive installed I was able to access my old HDD (in an external enclosure) and boot up the Lightroom on it.  I signed out and thought that at least that is part of the problem fixed - I could now sign in on one computer.  However I am now getting a message that Lightroom is on too many machines.  However, since it was only on two before (ie "old" desktop and "old" laptop.- and have since signed out of one, then surely I could have one, initially, as fully legitimate.  This has not happened.


      What I need is for someone in Adobe to "wipe the slate clean"  so that when I activate my desktop and laptop I am back on track.


      Help please !